A considerable share of financial resources are dedicated to Research projects internally, through a joint collaboration with local & international accredited Institutions, of which almost half of our human resources are committed to the development of innovative technologies.


R&D Projects in the field of the diagnosis of infectious diseases with a focus on the ELISA confirmation of antigens & antibodies, the follow-up of vaccination and new up-coming infections, molecular biology assays and Elisa automation.


Production and development of micro-plate enzyme immunoassays (ELISA) for the diagnosis of infectious diseases (Hepatitis, TORCH, Serology markers, RetroViruses & Autoimmune diseases) and hi-tech bio-components (hybridoma and E.coli cell lines, monoclonal antibodies, purified native antigens, synthetic proteins and peptides, ELISA conjugates), by adapting various biochemical procedures. Activities which play a crucial role in the strategy of the Company for the development of new IVD's.


Development of a microarray system for AutoImmunity and Cytokines determination. CE-marked NAT's (PCR RealTime) dedicated to the diagnosis of infectious agents based on a novel chemistry (LionProbes®).


A fully automated ELISA system for simultaneously processing of 9 plates, dedicated to blood banks and medium/large laboratories. Preparation and validation of dedicated assay protocols for the open ELISA workstations & instruments (micro-plate washer, incubator, reader) used by our customers.


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