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Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes Srl is a Global key player in in-vitro diagnostics & develops, manufactures & markets a wide range of high-quality & trusted branded innovative IVD’s.

A privately owned company, founded in 1996 in Milan Italy, with over 30 years of International experience & expertise in the field of Immuno Diagnostics for infectious diseases.

Our team consists of a staff of professional dedicated experts, originating from Global IVD top companies, with extensive experience in automation & assay development, on market leader instruments.

Originating from the production & supply of raw materials, to a company manufacturing IVD products. In 2004 Dia.Pro became an ISO 13485 certified IVD company, thus supplying the global market with our CE finished products.

Our commitment is to support our partners & customers, by exceeding their expectations in viability on all scales, with supreme service.
Dia.Pro is known for excellence in quality and customer service plays an equally important role in our business.


Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes

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Dia.pro OEM production


We offer an OEM production of CE marked DiaPro products/Immunoassays, through individual contracts of supply, providing the customer access DiaPro’s CE Design Dossiers & certification, to speed up the process of acquiring their own CE mark.

Development Projects for Diagnostic systems, by providing skilled & professional partnership &/or R&D contracts in assay development, performance evaluation trials and CE-marking of the assays.

Partnership in development Projects of new straight forward diagnostic devices, based on innovative technologies & new strategic reagents.

Technology Transfer dedicated to companies interested in extending their product range, on new devices or manufacturing in emerging countries.


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