Measles virus IgM – ELISA Instrument

Measles virus IgM – ELISA

Enzyme ImmunoAssay (ELISA) for the qualitative determination of IgM antibodies to Measles Virus in human plasma and sera. The product is intended mostly for the identification of the pathogen in patients undergoing an exanthematic infection.

Micro-plates are coated with Measles Virus native antigens derived from tissue culture of a virulent strain. In the 1st incubation, the solid phase is treated with diluted samples and anti Measles Virus IgM are captured, if present, by the antigens.After washing out all the other components of the sample, in the 2nd incubation bound anti Measles Virus IgM are detected by the addition of anti hIgM antibody, labeled with peroxidase (HRP). The enzyme captured on the solid phase, acting on the substrate/chromogen mixture, generates an optical signal that is proportional to the amount of anti Measles Virus IgM antibodies present in the sample. Neutralization of IgG anti-measles, carried out directly in the well, is performed in the assay in order to block interferences due to this class of antibodies in the determination of IgM. Instrument