COVID 19 DISEASE – The 2020 global diagnostic challenge Covid19

COVID 19 DISEASE – The 2020 global diagnostic challenge

ELISA kits:

Monitoring of the immune response to COVID-19, in the early stage of the infection as an additional marker to PCR

The IgA assay is recommended, in addition to IgG and IgM, to:
(a) monitor the global immunological response of patients undergoing an acute infection and their follow-up to full recovery;
(b) specifically for testing patients with symptoms of the gastroenteric form of COVID-19 infection;

Monitoring of the immune response to COVID-19. Recommended in particular for testing:

(a) infected individuals in follow-up serological testing and when recovered from the infection, negative for COVID-19 PCR, to assure they developed IgG antibodies to the virus, confirming a full recovery from the infection;

(b) health-care workers at risk of covid-19 infection to verify whether or not they developed IgG antibodies to the virus;

(c) individuals from normal population to study their acquired immune status against COVID-19 infection.

(d) human antibodies donors for a preliminary screening of hyper-immune sera as a possible candidate for an immunotherapeutic approach to the treatment of the disease;

COVID-19 IgG Confirmation
Module-based Enzyme-Immuno-Assay for the Confirmation/typing of human samples screened as positive for IgG. The test is aimed to identify the specificity of antibodies to the major immunodominant COVID-19 antigens Nucleocapsid, Spike1 and  Spike2

COVID-19 Spike 1&2 IgG
Semi-quantitative determination of IgG antibodies to COVID-19 Spikeantigens. Intended for testing:

a) health-care workers at risk of COVID-19 infection to verify whether or not they might be positive for potentially neutralizing antiSpike IgG;

b) normal population for epidemiology studies on presence of potential “protective” IgG to COVID-19 Spike antigens;

c) PCR-negative infected individuals, successfully recovered from infection, to assure presence of potentially neutralizing antibodies;

d) human donors, recovered from COVID-19 infection, positive for anti-Spike IgG for the generation of hyperimmune plasma, as a possible immunotherapeutic approach to the disease;

e) vaccinated individuals to assure a reliable positive immunization with development of anti Spike IgG antibodies;

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Confirmation and Typing
Module-based Enzyme-Immuno-Assay for the Confirmation of samples positive for IgG and IgM antibodies to COVID 19 in first screening